Sports Injury Management

Podology Podiatry can help you manage your lower limb problems, with a well-equipped arsenal of training and treatments at hand. Pain in the lower limb commonly arise from poor foot function. This may be due to biomechanical anomalies such as weak/tight muscles, foot posture, improper footwear, poor walking and/or running technique.

A thorough Biomechanical Assessment is conducted to reveal the cause of the pain greatly increases the success of long-term management. Left untreated, compensated movement may cause injury elsewhere in the body.

Musculoskeletal management is a special interest at Podology Podiatry, with the team having taken on further study to gain a better understanding of the array of treatments available to best manage your concerns. Some of these treatments include:

Orthotic Therapy

– Dry needling

– Sports taping/strapping

– Running gait retraining

– Exercise prescription

– Footwear prescription

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