Orthotic Therapy

Podology Podiatry specialises in the prescription and fitting of functional foot orthotics. These high-tech insoles are an evidence-based treatment used to manage Sports Injuries, as well as other foot, leg and ankle issues such as:

– Heel & Arch pain

– Ankle sprains & strains

– Dysfunctional lower limb alignment

– Shin splints

– Knee pain

– Joint/tendon/muscular injury

– Sports injuries

– Foot stress fractures

– Bunions & hammertoes

– Arthritis

Orthotic therapy is also useful for providing stability to the lower limb, improving foot function, reducing injury risk and offloading high-risk structures. Other clinical orthotic options are also offered; such as pre-fabricated and semi-custom. A thorough Biomechanical Assessment is required to carefully calculate which type of orthotic therapy would be best suited during your consult.

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