An ingrown toenail is a condition where a nail grows into the corner or side of a toe. This can be incredibly painful and can become infected! Some of the factors that can cause an ingrown toenail include:
– Trauma

– Incorrect cutting of the nail

– Poor-fitting footwear

– Inherent nail shape

– Fungal nails or other nail conditions

Podology Podiatry is able to help you overcome this debilitating problem, with a range of treatment options. Most cases are easily resolved with conservative and often painless reduction techniques.

Podiatrists are able to administer a local anaesthetic to prevent pain during your treatment, however this is not usually necessary. In acute cases, footwear advice and education may be provided to prevent future incidence.

In some long-term cases, a procedure can be performed at our clinic, which permanently resolves the issue and prevents re-growth of the painful nail edge. Please contact our clinic today for more information.

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